Now Open: The Foundry Home Goods

It’s been a quiet opening, but everyone should know about one of the latest home-décor stores to pop up in the Twin Cities: For the last month or so, The Foundry Home Goods has been selling lovely, lovely things for your kitchen, living rooms, and even laundry rooms.

Owner Anna Hillegass comes from an interior design background, which is evident in her impeccable merchandising and ruthless editing (nearly everything in the store is white, wood, or glass—or some textural variation of those colors). The word of 2012 maybe was “curated,” and it was overused, but in this case, it’s the perfect descriptor. Additionally, I love her store philosophy: “…encouraging a non-disposable lifestyle, with fewer and better home things.” Buy it right, and buy it once. Might not be the best money-making philosophy, except that I imagine customers will return to soak up the atmosphere and find that one more “right” thing for their homes. I will.


Given the richness of the interior design, and the typical price structure around “investment pieces,” the actual pricing came as a little shock: totally affordable. And Hillegass is a lovely and gracious host, even when I barged in on her one day and took some photos. While I was there, her landlord—her dad—stopped by, and chatted at the counter with a friend, lending a lovely neighborhoody feel that I wish every shop could impart. It’s one facet of what makes boutique shopping so special and fun.

Looks like North Loop is becoming our Little Soho. I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. 

The Foundry Home Goods
125 N. 1st Street, Mpls.

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