Nowhere to go but up

Hello and welcome to Kori’s Korner, my new Midwest Home blog. 
During the last week of April, I visited Washington, D.C., for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Board of Directors meeting. It was an incredible experience to join more than 1,200 home builders to deliver an urgent message to Congress requesting legislation to jump-start housing, save jobs, and restore confidence.  

On May 3rd, an article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the success of NAHB’s legislative conference. The article noted that 300 personal visits and 1,200 phone calls from NAHB members helped move forward a sweeping housing stimulus package. Let’s hope this effort is not overlooked by consumers.

Understandably, people on a local and national level are more cautious in the current economy. While economic jitters frequently make headlines, not all the news is bad: This is one of the best times to look at buying a home. With home prices off so much from the real estate boom of the mid-2000s, it seems there will be plenty of room for building equity. If you’re willing to live in and enjoy your home for a long time — just as most Americans have done for decades – there is nowhere to go but up.
All the gloom and doom we hear in the media is tough to see past, but it’s certainly good to know that many people out there are making proactive moves to help stimulate the economy, both on the homebuilder and the supplier sides. Now, it’s up to consumers to take advantage of today’s amazing home values and help give the economy a boost.
To paraphrase a real estate billboard that has appeared around the Twin Cities, when you look back, you’ll wish you had bought today.

Or, perhaps you’ll be glad you did.

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