Up-to-date. Down-to-earth.

As anyone who’s searched for a new OBGYN knows, finding the right doctor is an important, but challenging task.  Naturally, everyone wants a doctor that knows their stuff – who stays current on all the latest procedures and practices.  But just as importantly, patients need a doctor they can trust – one that takes the time to really get to know them.

For more and more women, that ideal doctor is one of the nine independent physicians of OBGYN West in the Twin Cities’ west metro.  What makes them unique?  Quite simply, they never stop learning and they never stop caring.

For their patients, that means having a doctor who stays current on vital topics like birth control, HPV and infertility.  For most women, it means one doctor – their doctor – following them through their entire pregnancy and delivery.  And it means those suffering with conditions like incontinence and heavy bleeding have a physician well-versed in all the newest minimally invasive procedures that can easily bring tremendous relief.

Staying on top of all the latest medical breakthroughs takes time.  But for the doctors at OBGYN West, taking the time is what it’s all about.  Explains Dr. Wesley Grootwassink, “At some clinics, doctors are coached by financial people that they only have seven minutes with each patient.  That’s not how we work.  If you’re talking about an issue that takes some time, we take the time.”

Quite likely, this “old-fashioned” attitude towards patient care is why so many of the clinics’ patients’ families have been with OBGYN West for generations.  “Our practice has been around for about 45 years now,” says Dr. Gregg Teigen.  “Thankfully, a large portion of the patients we see today were delivered by some of our original physicians.”

It may not be medicine as usual, but for the doctors and patients of the clinics of OBGYN West, they wouldn’t have it any other way.


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