October 2005 Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers regarding the last issue of <em>Minnesota Monthly</em>

Actually, He’s 31

I do not expect to see this letter or the enclosed photo in “The Mail” column of your magazine. However, I do hope it comes to the attention of one or more of the magazine’s decision makers.

I keep Minnesota Monthly around for a couple of months. Since the name of the month (June, July, or August, for example) is too small to see clearly, even with bifocals, I re-label each issue as it arrives, as illustrated in this photo.

I think your cover is designed by someone under age 25 with 20/20 vision—either that, or by a Lilliputian!

Thanks for any consideration you can give to the rest of us.

St. Peter

Art Director’s Note: After diligently referencing and cross-referencing both sides of my family tree, it can be confirmed that I am descended from nary a Lilliputian. However, some clues have been uncovered that may shed light on where this propensity for the ways of the wee folk was forged. Names such as Arthur “Eagle Eye” Johnson, Darlene “Four-Point” Ritchey, Bert “Let’s Make It Smaller” Halvorson, and Alice “The Human Binocular” Lokken may point to genetic precursors for this little problem. Alternatively, Steve and Kathy “Anything You Do Is Great, Brian” Johnson could be entirely responsible. Regardless of my ancestry, I can only hope that the rest of the world thinks of me as both smaller and younger than I actually am as well.


Crush Rush

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed “The Crush” by Mary Jo Pehl (Back Talk, August). I was feeling a little low and her story brought me right out of it—completely made my day. I would love to see more contributions from Ms. Pehl in your magazine in the future. Laughing out loud is excellent for good health!


Please, please, please publish more Back Talk pieces by Mary Jo Pehl. I laughed until tears poured down my cheeks while reading “The Crush” in your August issue. Mary Jo’s sense of humor is unique and honest—anyone can identify with the situations she describes, and to be able to laugh at them, though some may have been extremely uncomfortable at the time, is an almost religious experience. Garrison Keillor’s pieces are great, but Mary Jo Pehl’s are wonderful!

Lino Lakes

Eeeek! “The Crush” is a delightfully written, horrendously hilarious tale. I want more!

Coon Rapids

I loved “The Crush” by Mary Jo Pehl. I thought it was very funny and crisply written. Keep up the good work—I am a big fan of the magazine.

Via E-mail

Editor’s Note: From mice to cheese: MJP embraces pepperjack in the November issue of Minnesota Monthly.


Praise Be

Just wanted to pass along my compliments on the green Jell-O story (Q&A with “Church Sign Guy” Reverend Steve Molin, September). That’s me! As a pastor, I’ve always been a bit nervous when I am cited in the media, for two reasons. First, I know stupid stuff can come out of my mouth in the wrong way…and I fear I might be accurately quoted. And second, even when I say it the way I want to, I know it can be misunderstood or misquoted.

Tim Gihring did a great job with this piece. He not only accurately reported our conversation, but he added his own take on the story and represented me, our church, and the Jell-O project well. Thanks, Tim, for your writing ability, as well as your attention to the “spirit” of this project: fun but not meant to be disrespectful, irreverent, or inappropriate. You can write about me any time!

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church


Alfresco Alleluias

I was pleased to see the summer drive-in church services at Crosslake Evangelical Lutheran Church mentioned on your numbers page (Talk, “Are We There Yet?”, July). I’ve enjoyed this as well. In addition to attendance being announced that included dogs and cats, the collection was taken with a landing net—the ultimate in uniqueness. And no loose change to count!