October 2007 Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers on the last issue of <em>Minnesota Monthly</em>

C.J., Sex, Class, and Botox

There were several surprises regarding your story about Cheryl Johnson (“The Power of One,” August). Among them:
• that it took Eric Eskola four months to wise up and stop working with C.J.;
• that the initials C.J. and the word journalism were used in the same sentence; and
• that the front-cover teaser for this story was a reference to C.J.’s sex life.
C’mon folks, let’s be at least a little classier than the subject of the story.
Mark Brandt

Wow, what glamour shots of C.J.! She has never looked better. Could it be Botox? Incidentally, she may be the only “full-time” gossip columnist in town, but there is another. Minnesota Law & Politics’s monthly columnist Carol Connolly even writes sentences that can readily be parsed and comprehended.
Pat McCartin

Seeing Red

Regarding “Red Hot,” September: I just received the weekly Target ad in my Sunday paper. In the toys section, there was a picture of a little boy in front of a play workbench and a little girl in front of a play kitchen. Oh yeah, the marketing team over at Target is made up of real revolutionaries.
Lisa Tsering
Oakland, California

A Cool Response

Editor’s Note: Our September issue, “The Cool Issue,” earned us a cold shoulder from more than one subscriber.

Cool? I think the word you’re groping for is “shallow.” I keep hoping for Minnesota Monthly to reflect the intelligence of its parent company, Minnesota Public Radio, but you seem to be in a race with Mpls.St.Paul magazine to see which can produce the least amount of content per column inch. Rather than reporting on a community, you’re marketing a lifestyle, and I don’t want you on my coffee table anymore.
Dan Sullivan

Brian Johnson’s cover on the September issue is awesome. Things quickly descended from that high point. Tim Gihring’s article (“The State of Cool”) made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

The people bit? Nice and all, but a whole twelfth of these “faces of cool” is black. No other ethnicities are represented. Great—we’re cool if we’re white. Where’s that pride in immigration again? The people of my generation (X, but surely you guessed that) and younger score if we’re well-to-do, it seems. Or clean. Clean is cool. Rich is cool. Boomers are automatically cool.

The Matrix of Cool: shockingly accurate, drearily bourgeois. Again, so bad. Downtown St. Paul: nope. University Avenue at Frogtown: uh uh. North Minneapolis: not on the list. Rural Minnesota: not a chance.
Jon S. Olsen

A Vote for Dutcher

Thank you for the article on Judi Dutcher (“Russian Rebirth,” August). I have respected Dutcher for many, many years. She should have been our governor years ago, but the men running the DFL have a hard time giving up their thrones. She should never have had to be in the shadow of Mike Hatch, and I’m glad she is back to being her own woman. I hope someday Minnesotans realize the incredible value of this woman. In the meantime, let’s all visit the Museum of Russian Art and applaud that administration for knowing a great thing when they saw it!
Nancy Lanthier Carroll

Drink Locally

In the September issue, you tout the qualities of pinot noir from New Zealand (“What to Drink Now”). It’s not bad, but good pinot noir comes from Oregon. They care a lot about pinot there, so you know you get handcrafted goodness. Why get mass-marketed wine from the other side of the world when you can find fine pinot from the Beaver State?
Tim Engstrom
Albert Lea


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