On the Shoulders of Giants

Cantus opens their season at the new Cowles Center with a concert featuring timeless works by music’s greatest contributors

Inspiration comes from different places for different people. Painters might look to paintings by Degas or Monet, writers seek out novels by Hemmingway or Dickens, and musicians fill their ears with the works of such greats as Schubert or Lennon. It’s on this premise that Cantus has based the opening concert series of their 2011-2012 season, “On the Shoulders of Giants.” Cantus, the nationally renowned nine-member men’s ensemble, is known for its unique, wide-ranging repertoire, and this concert is no exception. Featuring masterpieces by composers and songwriters who continue to inspire each generation of new musicians, the songs in “Giants” are as timeless as they are powerful—the creations of artists who shaped the world of music as it is today and will be to come.

On the Shoulders of Giants
Thursday, October 13
7:30 p.m.
Cowles Center, 528 Hennepin Ave., Mpls.

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