Outdoor Room Planning

Dear Expert: I am thinking about expanding my living outdoors (after the winter, of course!). How should I start planning my outdoor room installation?

A. Make a good assessment of the area you would like to transform. Some of the elements that can help you to create the room would be walls (fencing or a hedge), a ceiling (pergolas), and a floor. The walls screen the area and create a visual stop. Pergolas make great ceilings and can also create their own smaller room. Pavers, natural stone, and even grass can be the floor in your room. Adding things such as fire pits, outdoor kitchens or patio couches can finish off the space. A landscape professional will be able to create a design, which will serve as your master plan to be implemented. Once that is completed, then it is time to roll up your sleeves and dig! Or you could contact a reputable company to perform the installation and the only thing for you to do is enjoy the new space.

—Lill Linder
Linder’s Garden Center