Parade Your Pooch

Dog lovers unite, it’s time to show off your four-legged friends in Northeast’s Dog Parade

Everyone knows northeast Minneapolis is the arts district. But who knew that their love for art could only be rivaled by their love for their furry companions, dogs. Walk down the street and you’ll see the adorable four-legged walking buddies cruising down the street with their human counterparts. Swing inside a local business and there’s a good chance you’ll see a lazy Labrador (or three) relaxing on the floor. With this type of commitment to their pooches, it’s no surprise that the people of northeast have found a new way to show off their best friends, the Northeast Dog Parade.

This year the parade kicks off from Chute Square. Fuel up beforehand with a picnic in the park, and then gear up at six for a procession through the business district. Vie for your chance at best costume (a biker bulldog complete with a leather jacket and Mohawk nabbed this honor last year), best trick, and the best look-alike. Unless your dog is cute—and we mean really cute—we hope you avoid that last award. Afterward, scope out handmade collars and try to convince your dog to go organic with an assortment of foods and treats. Sip a drink during the “dogtail” hours, or search for the photographer on hand to capture a lovable moment between you and your pet. This is sure to be an event to get your tail—we mean your dog’s tail—wagging.

Northeast Minneapolis Dog Parade
Starts at Chute Square, 28 University Ave. SE
Friday, July 29
Parade starts at 6:15 p.m., but see schedule for more events