Park Nicollet Heart & Vascular Center

The new Park Nicollet Heart and Vascular Center combines leading-edge technology with compassion and interventional care in a beautiful new facility in St. Louis Park.

The center, focusing on the entire cardiovascular system of heart, veins, arteries, brain, lungs and kidneys, offers the first combined nuclear/computed tomography (CT) imaging in the state to map blood flow in the heart. The center also utilizes a high-tech 64-slice CT scanner, an effective and efficient tool that could potentially save both time and money. The 64-slice CT scanner produces precise diagnostic 3D images of the heart— including the coronary arteries as well as actual heart function—which help doctors to identify problems without using invasive diagnostic procedures. The test only takes a few minutes.

Not only was the $52 million, 212,000-square-foot center designed to offer leading-edge technology; it was also designed with valuable input from patients. The atmosphere is relaxed, with soothing colors and nature-inspired motifs on the walls, there is an education center and patient health library for easy access to useful resources, and the layout is user-friendly, minimizing walking and waiting times. The Park Nicollet Heart and Vascular Center also focuses on prevention and healthy living, with the only demonstration kitchen on-site to help patients learn to prepare heart-healthy meals.

Healthy living is further emphasized at the Heart and Vascular Center with a walking track and fitness center.

Cardiologists, cardiac and vascular surgeons, rehabilitation specialists, nutritionists, interventional radiologists and other experts (a total staff of 225) work side-by-side to find the best treatments for patients. Patients from more than 300 Minnesota communities received clinical, diagnostic or treatment services from heart center doctors, including echocardiogram testing, stress testing, and pharmacologic stress testing.

Since opening in August of 2005, over 8,955 patients have been seen at the center.

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