Party in the Plaza

The Ordway Summer Dance Series stages weekly dance parties in St. Paul’s Landmark Plaza

Everything about salsa screams summer: fiery hot, satisfyingly spicy, and the perfect treat to share with that special someone. And we’re not talking about the food, but the dance—this week’s choice for the Ordway Summer Dance Series. Every Thursday during the summer, Landmark Plaza comes alive as local bands, professional dance companies, and people of all ages come to shake their groove thing for a few hours. And don’t even think about playing wallflower because your moves would make Michael Jackson roll over in his grave: Manuel and Carmen Rubio will gets your hips swaying and your fingers snapping in no time during the Latin Social Dance Instruction. Afterward, put those moves to good use as the music of Salsa del Soul fills the sweet summertime air.

Landmark Plaza
Intersection of Fifth and Market Streets, downtown Saint Paul
Thursday, June 30
6 p.m.