Party with the Penguins

The Minnesota Zoo just got a whole lot cuter thanks to 20 waddling visitors from South Africa

Resistance is futile. If we’ve learned anything from March of the Penguins and countless television nature shows, it’s that tiny, flightless birds are irresistible. And now we have our own: 20 waddling cuties in the Minnesota Zoo’s new Penguins of the African Coast exhibit. Not just any penguins, either. These South African birds, with their distinctive, white racing stripes and torpedo-shaped bodies, look more like athletes in track suits than waiters in bow ties. They’re party penguins, preferring warm beaches to Antarctic ice, braying like donkeys as they race up to 20 miles per hour through the water. Pack a camera, the kids, and some lunch—you’re going to be there a while.

3M Penguins of the African Coast

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