Paul McCobb on Minneapolis Craigslist

Matt Mayo is a huge 1950s enthusiast, and he and wife have filled their blonde brick home in Rochester with all kinds of vintage goodies from the Father-Knows-Best decade. (To get the full scoop on the Mayos, read this fun Star Tribune profile.) Now the Mayos are giving up a pair of gems on Craigslist that you’ll definitely want to check out: two buttery yellow slipper chairs that Mayo believes were produced by the classic manufacturer Calvin Group, and designed by Paul McCobb, one of the biggest modern interior designers of the mid-century.

The chairs were reupholstered in the sixties so they lack original labels from the manufacturer, but they certainly look like something McCobb could have designed, with their clean proportions and elegant walnut frames that slightly flare out at the top. If they really are McCobb, then the asking price of $525 is a steal, considering that other McCobb-attributed slips are being sold in New York for upwards of $8,000 per pair!