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Paul S. Petrungaro, M.D. It’s cute to sing about missing your two front teeth when you’re in second grade, not so cute when you’re an adult.

Dr. Paul Petrungaro understands the issues that arise when people need to replace one or more missing teeth. A pioneer in the field of immediate tooth replacement, he is one of the top implant surgeons in the world, offering an advanced level of expertise in periodontology and implantology that is changing the way dentists perform implants. Not only is he a brilliant surgeon, he is also considered one of the top dental educators by his peers, both on a national and international stage.

Those who need an implant can find Dr. Petrungaro at Contemporary Periodontics & Implantology in Lake Elmo (when he’s not at his offices in Chicago, Ill. or Sao Paulo, Brazil).

The conventional approach to implant reconstruction often includes incisions, multiple surgical procedures, and flap elevations, which oftentimes leads to discrepancies in the esthetics of the final implant-supported restoration and the adjacent tooth.

Dr. Petrungaro uses a conservative, flapless surgical approach for the replacement of the natural tooth with an implant, in conjunction with the immediate provisionalization of the dental implant, meaning that the temporary attachment or crown is inserted that same day.

There are numerous advantages to this state-of-the-art approach, he explains.

“I had insignificant pain—I took two Advil when I got home, then nothing else—and virtually no swelling. I iced my mouth on and off for 6 to 8 hours afterwards, and it was fine. My new tooth looks great and the gum line is perfect! I couldn’t be more satisfied!”
– Allan J., patient

“Everything is done in one visit, rather than in multiple stages,” he says. “It’s less traumatic, the area heals faster, bleeding is minimal, and it’s less time consuming, so patients can get out and on with their lives more quickly.”

“Dr. Petrungaro has provided me with a beautiful smile,” says Sheila A. “He has done this out of his vast knowledge of implantology, dedication to his field and patients and overall caring nature.”

It’s that kind of experience which has Dr. Petrungaro’s patients singing his praises instead of singing about missing their two front teeth.

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