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Photo by Steve Wewerka

Suzanne Gilbert and Patrick F. Hergott, M.D.

Suzanne Gilbert wears many hats, that of wife, mom, volunteer, coach, mentor, group fitness instructor, and avid triathlete. While she readily admits that her family is no. 1 in her life, she can’t deny that participating in triathlons to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society also has a special place in her heart.

“I can combine my love of cycling, running and swimming with raising money for a great cause,†she says.

Imagine then, her disappointment when back pain from an earlier injury progressed to the point that she couldn’t bike or run without constant pain. A well-known back surgeon recommended surgery as her only option.

“However, I saw surgery as my last resort,†Suzanne says. “I didn’t think I could get any worse than I already was and I didn’t believe therapy could work fast enough to keep me participating for the season.â€

A teammate from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training suggested Physicians Neck and Back Clinics (PNBC) as an alternative to surgery. In the end she decided to give PNBC a shot, figuring she had nothing to lose.

In a short time the PNBC difference was obvious. Their goal is lasting improvement and restored spinal function. They work with people to optimize their spinal fitness and then equip the patients to handle the problem on their own without needing to continuously re-enter the health care system. Patients with chronic, disabling neck and back problems–patients who have been frustrated with other treatments–are able to make dramatic, life-changing improvements after treatment with PNBC.

“We specialize in treating patients that have failed other programs,†explains Patrick F. Hergott, M.D.

At PNBC, Suzanne was diagnosed with a herniated disk and participated in a program utilizing specialized equipment and protocols. She was then taught how to keep her back strong through a home maintenance plan. 

Today, Suzanne is pain-free and feeling so good that she spends more time spinning her wheels on the pavement than spinning her wheels worrying about back pain.

Chuck E. Kelly, M.D. and Chris Olafson

Photo by Steve Wewerka

For Chris Olafson, there is an outdoor sport for every season. In the fall, he hunts. In the winter, he plays hockey. In the spring, he runs. In the summer, he plays golf.

Six years ago, however, Chris worried he’d have to find alternatives to his favorite outdoor activities. He was experiencing back pain so severe the pain began to radiate down his leg, causing numbness and tingling in his left foot.

While at a golf outing, Chris realized just how serious his back injury was. After chipping a ball onto the green, he said he felt his back “acting up,†and during his swing on the next tee box, he crumpled to the ground in excruciating pain.

He tried stretching, traction, and physical therapy, with no long-term relief. The next step was visiting a surgeon. Chris went through the pre-op and was scheduled for back surgery. Knowing that Chris was reluctant to go the surgery route, his boss recommended trying Physicians Neck and Back Clinics (PNBC).

Chris was skeptical at first, thinking, “How could this be any different from what I’ve already tried?†But he was willing to give it a try to avoid having surgery.

Within a short time of enrolling in the PNBC program, the pain Chris had been dealing with for years had disappeared.

The approach at Physicians Neck & Back Clinics is different. The goal is lasting improvement and restored spinal function, rather than a temporary “quick fix.â€

Board-certified physicians, physical therapists, and rehab associates work with patients to optimize spinal fitness, which–in turn–helps to alleviate back pain.

Today, life is busy but good for Chris. He spends his free time with his family (he’s been married for ten years and has four boys ages 7 and under), goes golfing and hunting, plays hockey, and annually runs a half marathon–pain-free for the past six years!

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