Preparing for a Designer

Dear expert: I’m thinking about working with an interior designer. How can I best prepare?

A. The first meeting is where the designer will lay the groundwork to get to know you, assess your needs and wants for the space, talk about your budget, and gain an understanding of the potential scope of the project. Some typical questions can often include, “What isn’t working about your current space?,” “Describe how your family uses this space on a day-to-day basis,” “Are there any pieces you love and would like to incorporate into the design?,” and “Tell me how your ideal space will feel once the project is finished.” You can best be equipped to meet with a designer by simply preparing to be yourself! Interior designers will ask many different questions to gather information, including questions about your timeline, your budget, and your project expectations. The more information we have, the better we can design a space that will be functional for the way you actually use it. There are no right or wrong answers. calie pierce, A good designer will know the appropriate questions to ask, so all you have to do is be honest.

Che BellaExpert note: “The more information we have about you and how you live, the better we can design a functional space. there are no right or wrong answers. All you have to do is be honest.”

—Calie Pierce, Tracy Hains & Jillian Marchiafava
Che Bella Interiors