(Quiz) Minnesota’s Most Outrageous Deals in 2014

Outrageous deals and dollar figures

Bob Dylan wrote, “Money doesn’t talk, it swears.” See if you can keep your language clean while you try to match up the dollar figures with recent transactions.

  1. Amount Medtronic Inc. will pay to pick up a tax bill for CEO Omar Ishrak and other top executives, a penalty for moving the company’s address to Ireland for tax reasons.
  2. Estimated cost to demolish the empty downtown St. Paul Macy’s building—more than any developer is willing to pay to buy it (hint: the Saint Paul Port Authority paid $3 million for it earlier in the year).
  3. Cash paid by Nordstrom Inc. for a 10-acre site next to Ridgedale Center, where it is building a new store due to open next year.
  4. Settlement paid by the St. Paul City Council to Como Park café owners who alleged the city had broken a contract, leading council member Dan Bostrom to say, “In all my years here, I haven’t seen anything like this at all.”
  5. Contribution by Land O’Lakes to the University of Minnesota, the majority of which will go to naming rights for a new academic facility for athletes.
  1. $800,000
  2. $38 million
  3. $13 million
  4. $25 million
  5. $10

Answers: 1-B; 2-C; 3-E; 4-A; 5-D