Randy Moss to Minnesota: Miss me?

It’s official: Randy Moss, who wore out his welcome in Minnesota many moons ago, is back as of today, having played spectacularly in the meantime (and largely without controversy) for New England. It’s the dream combination Favre wanted and didn’t get in Green Bay. And with the Vikings off to a terrible start, it’s a little like bringing in a special guest on a sinking television show—it should boost the ratings even if it can’t save the ship.

But which Moss will show up at the airport on Thursday? The quiet team player of New England, or the guy who seemingly caused a controversy every time he opened his mouth in Minnesota?

Lest we’ve forgotten, here’s a brief timeline of the last Moss era:

2001 – Moss is fined $15,000 by the Vikings and undergoes anger-management counseling for mouthing off at the team’s corporate sponsors.

2001 – Moss famously tells the Star Tribune, “I play when I want to play.”

2002 – Moss knocks a traffic-control officer to the ground while driving in downtown Minneapolis.

2003 – Moss is fined by the NFL twice, once for getting involved in an on-field fight with the Chicago Bears, another time for spiking the ball, mockingly, in front of a defenseman.

2004 – The moon shot seen around the world: Moss pretends to drop trou in front of Green Bay Packers fans during an end-zone celebration.

2004 – Moss leaves the field prematurely in the waning seconds of a loss.

Here’s the “mooning” clip: