Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets


Dear Expert: I have existing oak kitchen cabinets that are finished in a Golden Oak. I want to update my kitchen, but I’ve been told that you shouldn’t apply paint over an existing finish on kitchen cabinets. Is this true?

Tom Halek

A. This is false. Replacing your existing kitchen cabinets is a costly and time-consuming way to achieve the kitchen of your dreams. Refinishing your existing kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the cost can achieve a stunning transformation. 

We offer 11 stylish finishes for your kitchen cabinets or can create a custom finish. Be wary of the contractor that wants to refinish your cabinets all on-site. To achieve a durable, high-quality finish, you should always work with a contractor that has the capability of removing your existing cabinet drawer and door fronts and refinishing them in a controlled Finishing Shop environment. This may cost a little extra, but the end result will be well worth it.

—Tom Halek, General Manager