Remodeling in Phases

Dear Expert: We are planning to remodel our upper level and create a master suite; this will require moving several walls and adding an additional bathroom. Later, we would like to finish the lower level, adding two bedrooms, a full bath, and recreation room. Should we plan things in two stages, or all at once?

A. Proper planning is the key to any successful remodeling project!! If you stay in your home during the remodeling, segmenting a project can both minimize the disruption of your routine and allow for a comfortable payment schedule. You might also elect to accomplish your remodeling in distinct phases because of the season, travel plans or special events. Depending on the details of your project, there may be several elements where careful planning could save time and money. For instance, in your situation it may be a benefit to plan for combining the plumbing for both the upper and lower level if possible, saving the need to re-open the ceiling or walls. You should walk through all potential projects with your project management/design team. Though you may not know when the subsequent projects will become a reality, you will have identified what pieces can and should be combined for the best outcome.

—Plekkenpol Builders,