Retail Recap: Honeyshine

Have you been over to Honeyshine yet in Bryn Mawr? If not, you’re missing out. Honeyshine is what I imagine the mind of decoupage master and home-décor designer John Derian would be like if it came to life in Minneapolis. The two-room retail space is stuffed with Derian’s favorite components: vintage furnishings, art, entertaining pieces, and other ephemera. There may or may not be decoupage. And even though there is plenty of great shopping right here in Minneapolis, no city comparisons necessary, I feel like Honeyshine also feels like a bit of New York.

What I really love about the shop is the personal stamp owners Adam Braun and Daisy Mitchell have put on it. (Their philosophy is: “Objects for the home, gifts for the people in them. We’re creating an ever-changing living space away from home where you can buy almost everything you see.”) Each piece feels thoughtfully chosen, whether it’s a paperweight or perfume, candle or coaster, quirky art or humorously inscribed flask. And whatever these items are propped on—a church pew or a midcentury coffee table—is also for sale. Buyer beware: This means you can walk in looking for a small birthday gift for a friend and leave with a like-new Kartell table for yourself.

Honeyshine is easy on the eyes and radiates a go-ahead-poke-around atmosphere in which the perfect doo-dad is waiting to be found. But if you want the look of a disheveled library or a sleek, modern sitting room but don’t know where to start: They make house calls! An hour of their experience and advice is only $75, and they’ll work with what you’ve already got in place (I love that they love repurposing!) and suggest some new add-ons. After all, a makeover isn’t a makeover without a few fun new purchases. And when you see what they’ve got in store, you’ll be excited to find a few new things, too.

414 Penn Ave. S., Mpls., 612-377-7300,

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