Ritz Theater

345 Thirteenth Ave. NE., Mpls.

The Bee-Lievers

Marvel Ann Theater
Julie tails Lori to a buzz-arre bee worshipping cult, where teenage les-bee-an lust collides with questions of faith as they await the Queen Rapture. Half baked hippies, honey and money. Don’t be left bee-hind! Created by Dennis LeFebvre. Ages 11+

Bibliography of Love

Jan Street Dance Theatre
From Louisville, Ky.: Who used to be afraid of loving Virginia Woolf? With dance, gesture and spoken word, JSDT frames an historic gay moment with literary writings of the 1920s and asks: What would you give up for love? Created by Christephor Gilbert and Co. Ages 16+ Adult language

The 4 Winds

Asian Media Access
Dance/Comedy Teens
Without cell phones, without iPods and without the Internet… four teens must save the world. They travel through time and space to a world of myth and legend where they come face-to-face with an ancient evil. Written by Kang Vang. Ages 10+

Mammal Stories

Rachel Nelson
Under a steamy summer moon, the lives of a handful of strangers slowly unravel. In this sexy surrealist dram-com, watch the lines between hope, humor and despair go up in smoke. Created by Rachel Nelson with Polite Socity. Ages 13+ Adult language

My Body Made Me Do This

Third Rabbit Dance Ensemble
Dance/Spoken Word
Poetic jazzdance. Hotflash rhinos in tutus. Nutra-Sweet love. Turning on De Gas. Two Macks the Knife. Twenty bodies from dewy to decrepit. Dances to leave you twitching and sleepless. Guest artists. And cake. Choreographed by John Munger and Sharon Varosh. Ages 6+

The Saga of Nick Drillbitz and Other Hometown Heroes: A Story Cycle from Up On Da Range

John Berquist
Solo/Spoken Word
From Rochester, Minn.: Who knew these characters could linger so long, like wraiths in some misty recess of the mind, only to leap out in the here and now, full of life, with all their crazy quirks intact? Created by John Berquist. Ages 12+


Janette Siirila
Dance/Drama Kids
Three lively dance works: Wide-eyed, earthy figures move at lightening speed. A soloist catches her breath and the air shatters. A little frog travels through larger than life encounters with terror and beauty. Choreographed by Janette Siirila. Ages 4+

Spermalot: The Musical

The Change Co-Operative
Musical theater/Puppetry
From Des Moines, Iowa: Have a ball as the Lady of the Labia sends our spunky knights on their quest for the Holy Egg. “Spermalot” is a vas deferens from other musicals that have come before. Slip into something comfortable and enjoy. Created by The Change Co-Operative. Ages 16+ Adult language

Stray Pieces

Kari Jensen
16 dancers take the stage in a series of short works from classical ballet to hip-hop and tap. Exploring emotions, feeling, relationships and menopause, this dance show has something for everyone. Created by Kari Jensen. Ages 10+

The Three Bonnies

DA dance
The more I know men, the more I like horses. Six dancers and a lot of horses grapple with the challenges of male-female relationships. High spirited, gritty, raw and sensual—you’ll love it! Choreographed by Denise Armstead. Ages 2+

Thrower of Light

Cathy Wright
Tales from the hidden corners of the human psyche: Dare to experience total theater of movement, film and voice that thrill and deceive in a chasm of emotion where gender is illuminated. Choreographed by Cathy Wright. Ages 11+

Thursday, July 30

5:30 Bibliography of Love
7:00 Mammal Stories
8:30 My Body Made Me…
10:00 Thrower of Light

Friday, July 31

5:30 The Saga of Nick Drillbitz…
7:00 The Bee-Lievers
8:30 Spermalot: The Musical
10:00 Stray Pieces

Saturday, August 1

1:00 The Three Bonnies
2:30 Seeing
4:00 The 4 Winds
5:30 My Body Made Me…
7:00 The Bee-Lievers
8:30 Thrower of Light
10:00 Spermalot: The Musical

Sunday, August 2

1:00 Mammal Stories
2:30 The 4 Winds
4:00 Bibliography of Love
5:30 Seeing
7:00 Stray Pieces
8:30 The Saga of Nick Drillbitz…
10:00 The Three Bonnies


Monday, August 3

5:30 The Bee-Lievers
7:00 Stray Pieces
8:30 Thrower of Light
10:00 The Saga of Nick Drillbitz…

Tuesday, August 4

5:30 Seeing
7:00 My Body Made Me…
8:30 Mammal Stories
10:00 The Three Bonnies

Wednesday, August 5

5:30 The 4 Winds
7:00 Bibliography of Love
8:30 My Body Made Me…
10:00 The Saga of Nick Drillbitz…

Thursday, August 6

5:30 Bibliography of Love
7:00 Thrower of Light
8:30 Spermalot: The Musical
10:00 Stray Pieces





Friday, August 7

4:00 Spermalot: The Musical
5:30 Stray Pieces
7:00 Seeing
8:30 The Three Bonnies
10:00 Mammal Stories

Saturday, August 8

1:00 Spermalot: The Musical
2:30 The Bee-Lievers
4:00 Thrower of Light
5:30 Mammal Stories
7:00 The 4 Winds
8:30 The Three Bonnies
10:00 My Body Made Me…

Sunday, August 9

1:00 The Bee-Lievers
2:30 Seeing
4:00 The Saga of Nick Drillbitz…
5:30 The 4 Winds
7:00 Bibliography of Love
8:30 Fringe Encore