Rogue Buddha hosts the weekend’s coolest art opening

Scion, the brand of low-riding, hot-colored cars that those of us in generations A through X are about as familiar with as mumblecore movies, is touring a show of some of the hippest photography, painting, and sculpture from young American artists, entitled simply Installation Five. And it couldn’t have picked a cooler gallery than Rogue Buddha, in Northeast Minneapolis, whose proprietor, Nicholas Harper, maintains the area’s steadiest scene of gritty exhibitions by national artists, avant-garde music, and people-watching just this side—the Midwest side—of The Factory.

The art naturally wraps around the interests of Scion’s youthful market—with styles drawn from comics, manga, and graffiti—with attending artists sporting such streetwise monikers as Codak, Eye One and J. Shea. It’s a little slice of L.A. plopped down in Nordeast. You want to understand kids today? This is your show, yo.