Season’s Greetings

As much as I’d rather be flying here, contemplating these, I’m here, contemplating this.

Which gives me plenty of time to peruse the just-released new season schedules of several top theaters. Which makes me wonder: why don’t pop artists do this, put out song lists before shows? I kind of want to know whether Dylan is going to play Visions of Johanna before I shell out $2,000 for a ticket.

The Guthrie’s looks like a mixed bag. Seems like the only shows we’re going to get on the thrust stage now are old warhorses. Yet another Peer Gynt (we’ve had about 3,000 productions of this in the past few years here), which sounds like a Star Trek character but is actually a pretty clever play by Ibsen, here translated by Robert Bly. The Seagull, which has also roosted here quite often recently, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, etc. I’m much more excited about the other stages, particularly the directors: we’ll get Wendy Knox of Frank Theatre, Peter Rothstein of Theatre Latte Da, Casey Stangl, formerly of Eye of the Storm, and Joel Sass.

What do you think? Is the new Guthrie better, worse or about the same as you expected?

My recommendations this weekend are to absolutely catch Ten Thousand Things’ Blood Wedding, featuring such interesting actors as Barbara Berlovitz (of Jeune Lune), Sha Cage, and Maggie Chestokovich. This was a very cool play when the Guthie Lab did it a few years back, and Ten Thousand Things is as good as it gets here. Also, check out the local photographers’ work at the Minnesota Center for Photography’s Photocentric show. Consider MacTaco Land at the Loading Dock Theater, and if for some reason you haven’t seen Sweet Land, the locally made movie about immigrants in Minnesota, now’s the time. This should be required viewing, not just for Minnesotans but for any artist who wants to know how to tell a good story. It’s $2.50 at Hopkins, people–that’s about 1920 prices, the year this film is set in.

p.s. For all who weighed in on the public sound art discussion last week, look forward to the Sound in Art/Art in Sound exhibition opening next weekend at the Minnesota Museum of American Art.

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