See Inside Summit Hill

C. S. Lewis once said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Surely that applies to home dreams, right?

Because no matter how much you’ve fine-tuned or furnished your own abode, the houses on this Sunday’s tour”•which has been running since 1972”•are certainly inspiring, often historic, and bound to make you re-evaluate at least a touch or two. Or more.  

For one day only, from noon to 6 p.m., The Summit Hill House Tour allows you to explore 12 homes and two private spaces around St. Paul’s historic neighborhood. Very few buildings have been constructed in the area since a 1922 ordinance, so it’s basically a look into the 20’s as well”•with the addition of modern strokes, of course.

It’s a self-guided tour (though there’s an optional shuttle bus to move you between homes), so all you need is a brochure (acting as your ticket) to guide you. See one, see all, in any order. Tour volunteers will then be at the homes to guide you through. Tip: Wear socks with shoes, so you can just slip shoes off to walk around the homes, rather than fuss with the provided booties. 

You can get an early look at which goregous home will be featured at Of course, it’s just the exterior, though. You have to attend to see the rest! But it’s worth it. This is the Summit Hill Association’s largest fundraiser and goes toward all the events it regularly sponsors. That includes city cleaning, improving, crime prevention, general promotions, and more that maintain this area’s greatness.

Tickets are $25 if purchased in advance online (+ $1 processing fee) or at a participating partner (Summit Hill Association Office, The Bibelot Shops, Kowalski’s Markets, Great Harvest Bread Co.); $30 same-day tickets can be purchased at only one stand, located at William Mitchell College of Law, 875 Milton Ave.