Set a Spectacular Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. The holiday is not only a time to give thanks, catch up with family and friends, and enjoy the bounties of the season (turkey! Mashed potatoes! Pumpkin pie!), but also—if you’re the one hosting a celebration—a chance to prepare a beautiful autumn-themed table. Here are some elegant, festive, and easy ideas to update your tablescape on Thursday:

• Place pears, nuts, and leaves in a wire basket as a sort of modern take on the traditional cornucopia. (Bonus points for easy transferability.)

• Fill a tall cylindrical vase with wheat, pinecones, or bird seed, and another vase with dried berries or branches for a harvest-themed centerpiece.

• Line mini pumpkins along the table and weave a pretty ribbon around them.

• Use a classy serving tray to hold gourds, mini pumpkins, branches, and candles of different heights.

• Think contrast when buying flowers. Deep burgundy with lime green; warm gold with bright orange; cream with dark blue.

• For a traditional centerpiece, choose ranunculus and roses. It is beautiful in its simplicity and elegance.

• Stencil simple decorations on white or orange pumpkins. 

• Create a “thankful tree” out of branches, have each guest write what he or she is thankful for this Thanksgiving on pre-cut pieces of colorful paper, then hang their cards on the tree. Tie the base of the branches together with colorful raffia.

• Collect and rinse fall leaves, pat dry, then personalize them with a black or gold pen by writing “Thank God for (guest’s name).”  Insert a leaf into each napkin holder.

• Create mini cornucopias with waffle cones. Dip the ends in water for 20 seconds, microwave for 20 seconds, then roll the softened end around a clean pencil for 20 seconds to create a curl. Fill with candy and give away as personalized favors.