Shall We Dance?


The amount a typical couple pays to look their best on the big night, from the tux and dress to the corsage and boutonniere. “A Night to Remember”? It’d better be–the kids will have to work 227 hours at minimum-wage jobs to cover the costs. And that doesn’t even include the tickets ($75 per couple at Hopkins High School).

5.7 million

Readership of Your Prom magazine, described as “the ultimate sourcebook [for] teenage girls craving to perfect their prom experience.” If all those girls lived in one place, it would be the second-largest city in America. Which we would name “Ohmygod-yourdressissocuteville.”


Top price for a gown at Glitz!, a prom specialty store at the Mall of America. The ability to look back in 10 years and say “I wore that to prom?”: priceless.


Number of identical gowns that Glitz! will to sell to people attending the same event. “Gown registration,” as it’s formally known, has become one of the store’s primary selling points.


Price (gratuity included) to rent a 22-person “Party Bus” for eight hours from Star Limousine in Minneapolis. This increasingly popular prom transport comes equipped with a 46-inch flat-screen TV, PlayStation 2, and a karaoke machine with CDs. Because who actually wants to dance?


Number of corsage orders Bachman’s fills on popular prom weekends. The most-requested assemblages, according to a spokesperson, include glitter and sparkle.


Starting price for a tuxedo rental. (We hope that includes pants.)

Erin Peterson is a Minneapolis freelance writer.

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