Silvercocoon Party—You’re Invited

In our December issue, we featured one very interesting design-savvy couple, Souliyahn and Tia Keobounpheng, and their unbelievably cute kid, Silo. (Yes, like the barn structure.) Waaaaayyyy back in the day (like, 2001), the Keobounphengs were known for their Silvercocoon sales, when they would fill their shiny vintage Airstream with cool handmade things (like Tia’s modernist jewelry, acrylic ornaments and streamlined Christmas trees), and sell them off to their nearest and dearest. Come to find out, that the Keobounphengs are resurrecting the idea in 2008, and guess what? You’re invited! In addition to selling Tia’s work (which has been seen at the Walker Art Center Shop and other trend-right venues in town), the Keobounphengs are also hosting Uniform Studio (locally designed women’s and children’s clothing), Karin Jacobson (modernist jewelry designs with super-hero flair), Feyerwerks (architecturally-inclined wooden calendars), Banbury Cross (toy animals and tableware made from Marimekko fabric), and Berry Holz (reverse-stenciled cards and wallets). The big day is December 18th, also known as next Thursday, also known as SEVEN days before Christmas. Get  more details here, and then email Tia for directions at See you there!