Smart Beauty

Horst Rechelbacher takes his organic, technically edible—and supremely functional—line to the Mall of America

Talking to Horst Rechelbacher is part college course, part translation—he’s got his own way of getting to the point—but he is one of the world’s leading experts in and advocates for natural, safe beauty.

He’s been operating his Intelligent Nutrients salon and shop in Minneapolis for years, but recently launched at the Mall of America. (He did mention that now, in his 70s, he’s not going to “sit around and watch myself get old.”) There, you’ll find his organic, food-grade hair care, skin care, and cosmetics lines, plus spa services. There’s also technology that evaluates your chakra balance and measures your physiological responses to the products. Rechelbacher has dedicated his life to creating superior products and hasn’t been afraid to put his personality out there to do so. He has always believed that beautifying can transform a person’s outlook. Now, he even has the technology—and the space—to show us the aura.

Intelligent Nutrients
Mall of America, Bloomington
952-567-1619 •