Spotlight on Yardscapes

When my friend Kelly told me that we need to set our clocks ahead this weekend, it didn’t seem possible. Daylight savings begins this Sunday, March 10? Spring ahead? Already?

And then I looked at my calendar and realized there are only 11 days from today until the first day of spring. Less than two weeks. Well shoot, that’s hardly any time at all.

Before we know it we’ll be in full-on March Madness mode, and then we’ll be hiding Easter eggs, and a day later we’ll be flipping the calendar to April, and you know what that means! Melting snow and sunshine and the emergence of green grass! I cannot wait.

With the arrival of spring, it’s only natural that we should start thinking about our landscaping (or lack thereof). When I think about my long, long, looong list of landscaping goals, I think about hiring the professionals at Yardscapes.

Yardscapes is an award-winning local company with over 37 years of design/installation experience. They understand every aspect of what it takes to plan your own little outdoor oasis—whether that means creating a backyard escape or adding valuable curb appeal to the front of your house—they are pros at helping us get everything we can out of our all-too-brief coat-less months. Knowledgeable Yardscapes professionals can tell you when to seed/sod, when to fertilize, the plants that will do best in our crazy weather, how to control mosquitoes, how to create the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement of plants and stones and sculptures (if that’s your thing) and outdoor kitchens and pools, even how to make your grill look more beautiful.

Their photo gallery (pools and spas, patios and entryways, before and after transformations) features a number of really amazing projects that get me excited for outdoor entertaining, which—as I realized today—really is right around the corner!

Yardscapes, Inc.
8609 S Harriet Ave., Bloomington

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