Spring Clean

The newest scents are like spring’s new fashions: light and ladylike. Update your wardrobe with one of these floral or fruity fragrances.

1. A seductive freesia-based floral  Bond No. 9 Astor Place, $220 @ Cos Bar, 3905 W. 50th St., Edina, 952-303-6249.  

2. A fruity-floral with a hint of musk  Sarah Jessica Parker Endless, $58 @ Macy’s. 

3. A sweet blend of pomelo, pear, and orange flower  Valentino: The Fragrance, $80 @ Neiman Marcus.

4. A violet-based floral bouquet  Marc Jacobs Daisy Limited Edition, $57 @ Sephora.

5. A tropical floral with hints of warm cedarwood  Island Michael Kors Bermuda, $62 @ Nordstrom. 


6. A grassy, mandarin-spiked elixir  Vera Wang Look, $70 @ Nordstrom.

7. A soft floral with bright citrus notes  Sarah Jessica Parker Dawn, $58 @ Macy’s. 

8. A lemony scent with a powdery finish  Clean Simply Soap, $38 @ Sephora.