Spring Cleaning in Autumn

It’s pretty obvious that it’s not spring, but it is the perfect time for spring cleaning (aka deep cleaning)—before the holidays arrive, the snow accumulates outside your front door, and you’re consumed with other things to do. So this weekend, attempt to do some (or all, if you’re feeling really ambitious) of these harder household chores, knowing there’s a Kit-Kat or two and other leftover Halloween candy waiting as reward.

• Vacuum upholstered furniture. Move the furniture and vacuum behind it.

• Turn mattresses front to back and end-to-end to make them last longer.

• Wash the mattress pads, duvets, and comforters, not just the sheets and blankets.

• Schedule a professional carpet cleaning.

• Are you hosting a holiday get-together? Clean and organize your kitchen cabinets. (While you’re bustling around the kitchen, getting ready for company to arrive, you’ll be glad you did this when you know exactly where to find the whatchamacallit.)

• Take those dusty light fixtures down and (carefully) clean them well.

• Check your dryer exhaust tube for lint or debris.

• Clean out those messy closets.

• Wash the windows with mild soap and water.

• Disinfect the doorknobs.

Once you finish your checklist, enjoy your nice, clean home … then prepare to tackle this list all over again in the spring.