Springtime Style at Ataz

When I’m in need of a little color therapy (and maybe a little retail therapy, too …) I love taking a stroll through ATAZ, one of the two shops in the Galleria owned by veteran retailer and artist-booster Patty Burrets. True to form, Ataz is practically radiating bright springtime colors this week. Here’s just a teeny sample of what’s in store:



(Top Right) Nearly indestructible, made-in-Italy Mepra “Fantasia” flatware in a huge range of bright colors, $52 per five-piece placesetting.

(Above Left) Wild Wings Literary Lodgings made by artist by Dave Vissat, an artist outside of Pittsburgh. Vissat takes makes laser copies of rare and collectible book covers, and then decoupages the images onto the spines of thrift store books, $145 each.

(Above Right) Super-cute egg cups by Bia Cordon Blu, $16.50 each.