Straight from KARE11 Studios…Wallpaper is back, baby!

On Monday I stopped over at KARE11 to do a segment with Di Pierce on tips and trends found in our annual Home Book. Among the trends…wallpaper! That’s right people, flocking is back and is more fabulous than ever. As are gorgeous metallics. Martha O’Hara Interiors hooked me up with some to-die-for wallpaper samples. Also among the tips recommended via our Home Book…accent lighting. With the proper lighting, you can make artwork or photos in frames pop – just like this modern frame from Room & Board.

Here are the trends and tips – short n’ sweet version:

1. Wallpaper: Flaking and metallics are THE big trends in wallpaper. If it’s a busy pattern, perhaps it’s best to use in small rooms like a bathroom, or as an accent wall in a larger room such as a living room. But be educated on what you buy – don’t use Grasscloth in rooms with high-moisture.

2. Lighting: Use accent lights to highlight unique artwork or photos. This creates a focal point while adding light to a room. Up-lighting and spot lighting gives a room an extraordinary element while drawing eyes (and light) upwards. The right lighting is crucial in the final look of a room. By using low lighting, it will create a more intimate ambiance, say good-bye to harsh (and unflattering) overhead lighting! Don’t use intimate lighting in the kitchen though….overhead lighting and task lighting are key when creating delectable meals.

3. Mixing Wood Species: You no longer have to stick with one wood species throughout the home. By contrasting the varietals of woods, it creates a more cohesive look and tone to the room. A room shouldn’t look like the page of a catalog.

4. Pull furniture away from the walls! This will create a more inviting, conversational space while also creating a focal point to the room, such as a fireplace.

5. Less is more: Not every table needs a lamp, not every wall needs a photo. Keep it functional and uncluttered.

—Brianne Bauer