Streaming 101

KeithDear expert: What does it mean to “stream” audio and video?

A. It means you don’t need a disc anymore! Today you can buy an Internet-enabled device, like a networked Blu-ray disc player, Apple TV (access all of your PC-based media—music, podcasts, audiobooks, photos, movies, and TV shows through iTunes), or even some newer televisions, and you have the advantages of speed, protection against copyright infringement, and better control.

It’s easy to operate: You just hook up the device to your home network, and you’re connected to a large variety of music Internet services—like Pandora, Rhapsody, and iTunes. It also allows you to subscribe to video services through iTunes, Netflix, or Vudu, and buy or rent movies in “real time” (meaning you don’t have to wait for a large file to download first). Streaming audio and video has become very popular with our new installations.

Expert note: Streaming audio and video gives you the advantages of speed (you don’t have to wait for files to download), protection against media piracy, and better control.

—Keith Stanze
President of Orion Home Systems