Stretched, fused, and fabulous vessels from Caleb Siemon

Santa Ana glassblower Caleb Siemon makes lovely glass vessels that are wonderfully clean and modern. I’m particularly a fan of his translucent white and milky white vases that seems to float, they’re so ethereal. But what really blows me away are his “Mokume” pieces, named for the Japanese method of folding and carving metal, used especially in sword making. For these pieces, Siemon takes solid colors and stretches them into long, thin cords called canes. Then, he chops up these canes into short lengths, fuses them together, and shapes them into vessels. After the vessel is cooled, he chisels into the sides of the vessel with a diamond wheel to reveal layers of color within. Many of his “Mokume” pieces have more than 30 hues, like the “Inciso Meadow Teardrop” vessel seen here. Order your own through Three Rooms at the Galleria.