When it comes to accessories, there are fashion flings—scrunchies, Velcro wallets—and true loves—a velvet clutch, an heirloom brooch. ¶ So what to do when looking for lasting romance, rather than a kiss-and-run? Rendezvous at StyledLife, newly opened in Gaviidae Common in downtown Minneapolis. Owner Kevin Quinn carries accessories that bejewel the wrist and flatter the waist. For the man in need of a dash of haberdash: a sidecar Dunhill case for laptop and ï¬les; cuff links that speak French; a handsome leather tote that comes with its own pullover raincoat; and wrist cuffs crafted of alligator or leather. ¶ And for the ladies, well, Goddess is in the details. The right accoutrement complements the newly purchased, spruces up the neglected, and accentuates the loveliest of features. Whether you’re packing the diaries of Anaïs Nin or just that perfect shade of lipstick, you can’t go wrong with a Kooba or Lambertson Truex bag. Resin bangles with embedded jewels or bobbed wire can spice up any affair. And at StyledLife, luxurious scarves practically whisper in your ear. ¶ But as lust is to love, so fashion is to style. “Fashion passes,” quoth Coco. “Style remains.” So, go ahead, forgo the fleeting crushes. Fall in love forever.

Gaviidae Common II, 555 Nicollet Mall, Suite 179, 612-746-5400

Photos by Dave Turner