Sue Z.’s Finds


The new Verdant Tea in Seward (2111 E. Franklin Ave., Mpls., offers so much more than hot beverages. Local goodies worth checking out include Real Deal Chocolate’s tea-infused truffles and chocolate bars, Sweet Science ice cream, and Beez Kneez honey. Of course you can always stock up on the seasonal loose-leaf teas Verdant sells, too.

To liven up your movie nights, try the popcorn oils and seasonings from Minnesota Nice Spice and Annona Gourmet. I love the Big Easy Louisi Cajun and Zingy Cheese Zest spices paired with the butter-flavored or garlic olive oils ( and

Dan Meuers, owner of Citiesfruit, has devised a way to deliver fresh fruit to any office in the metro area so that you and your colleagues can snack on something that doesn’t slide out of a vending machine (

And if you need a sugar rush at the airport before catching your plane, stop at Sugar Pop on the main concourse. It’s been open for a couple years, but I just discovered it and love its collection of old and new treats. The shop stocks everything from our local Pearson’s Nut Goodies and Salted Nut Rolls to colorful old-fashioned lollipops (

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