Super Soups

Bored by borscht and tomato basil? Spice things up with these full-flavored bowls.

Kimchi Jjigae from King’s Fine Korean

Fiery pickled cabbage is sure to cure a head cold.
Fridley, 763-571-7256

Photo by Terry Brennan

Tortilla Soup from Masa

Toasty notes of pasilla chile enhance this spicy chicken stew.
Minneapolis, 612-338-6272

Photo by Terry Brennan

Pho from Ngon Bistro

Best broth in town: rich, sweet, with a hint of star anise.
St. Paul, 651-222-3301

Photo by Terry Brennan

Tom Yum from True Thai

Lime juice makes this hot-sour soup utterly addictive.
Minneapolis, 612-375-9942

Photo by Terry Brennan

Avgolemono from Christos

The ultimate in creamy comfort fare—with a tart lemon tang.
Minneapolis, 612-871-2111

Photo by Terry Brennan

Udon Soup from Midori’s

Its noodles are thick, chewy, and eminently slurpable.
Minneapolis, 612-721-3011