Sustainable Materials from Intectural

Last week, I braved the sub-negative temperatures and ventured out to a happy hour held at Spacecrafting, a NE Minneapolis-based architectural photography studio. (If you ever get the opportunity to tour their urban-chic loft space, I highly recommend it.)

The crew behind the Duluth-based company, Intectural, hosted the event as a chance to show off their line of sustainable, architectural materials. Their line includes a myriad of different materials including:

Intectural materials

Image via Intectural

I had the opportunity to learn more about the company from Intectural’s sales representative, Matt Eastvold (who is also a local furnature maker at Eastvold Furniture):

What is Intectural?

Intectural is a distributor of innovative architectural materials that have a commitment to conservation and sustainability. Based in Duluth, Minnesota at the Hawksboots Manufacturing Facility, Intectural’s partners include companies which fabricate goods out of our distributed materials. These unique relationships allow for distinctive, hands-on knowledge of material capabilities and machining. Intectural is focused on offering quality sustainable materials with a high level of customer service from an in-house support staff as well as local representatives in your area.

Richlite house

House made with Richlite. Image via Intectural

What are three things everyone should know about Intectural’s products?

1) They are high quality and diverse.

2) They are unique and appeal to the design community.

3) They are sustainable.

Arbor wood

Arbor Wood. Image via Intectural

Why should one use Intectural’s products?

Most of the products that we carry are unique and distributed exclusively by us. Richlite, for example, has dozens of uses in many different industries. It has been exciting to sell it and see the variety of areas that designers and architects come up with to use it.

Smith and Fong Plyboo

Smith and Fong’s Plyboo. Image via Intectural

What has been the most unusual or creative way Intectural’s products have been used in the home?

Although not their intended use, a few of the products that we sell have become big options for cladding on both residential and commercial projects. The innovative products that we sell are opening up a whole new palette for designers to work with on both traditional and modern projects.

Metem drawer

Metem drawer. Image via Intectural

Where can people find the products?

There are several installations in Minnesota that have our materials. We can direct customers to those for a closer look at the applications. In Minnesota, I’m the sales rep for any inquiries (

You can find out more about Intectural’s line of products on their website: