Sweetie Spots

This Valentine’s Day, book one of the Twin Cities’ most romantic tables

We asked the maItre d’ at several romantic restaurants, Where do you seat couples who want to cozy up, canoodle, or have a private conversation? Here’s what they recommended: D’Amico Cucina’s best corner table is number 51, tucked away next to a window. Al Vento’s table 9 is a corner booth where couples can cuddle or look out on the patio. Barbette’s corner booths, 3, 6, 10, and 13, bring two people closer. Bayport Cookery regulars request table 47, the hot seat in the fireplace room. Biella’s window seats, 1, 61, or 62, offer a view of quaint downtown Excelsior. At I Nonni, steal a kiss in one of the cozy wrap-around booths. La Belle Vie’s nine tables along the banquette let guests sit side-by-side. The Nicollet Island Inn’s 15 window tables have the prettiest views of the Mississippi River. Sapor’s window seats, tables 20 and 30, overlook the Washington Avenue cityscape. Vincent’s table 10 (pictured), in the restaurant’s back nook, is the most quiet and secluded—and, if history is any guide, the perfect place to pop the question.