Tackle that Endless List of Home Projects

Work, kids, spouse, chores–let’s face it, with the chaos that consumes our daily lives, much of what we want to do often gets put on the back burner, including home improvement projects. How long is your home improvement wish-list, or even “need” list? Mine has been accumulating for months, and I don’t even have kids, or a spouse for that matter!

It’s time to tackle that long list before it starts collecting dust, and where better to kick-start the process than at the 22nd Annual Midwest Home Show Nov. 16-18 at the Minneapolis Convention Center? With over 200 exhibitors, you’ll find the very best in Twin Cities remodelers, landscapers, designers, retailers, and home improvement specialists. Heck, while you’re at it, jump-start your holiday shopping at a few of the show’s new booths: Gatherings by Midwest Home and the Winter Artist Gallery.

Here are some show highlights (to name just a few):

  • IFDA Pavilion: Looking for a way to rearrange your living room furniture? Perhaps you’re interested in repainting your kitchen? Stop by for a free design consultation from an IFDA professional.
  • Cambria Holiday Kitchen: Catch demos throughout the weekend with celebrity chef John Michael Lerma and Jessica Bartl of The Art Institutes International Minnesota. Holiday entertaining, food and cooking how-tos, presentations ideas, and more!
  • Dësq: Make the most efficient use of your space with custom organization and living spaces by Dësq. Discover beautiful, innovative ways to organize your home and your life.
  • A Mobile Experience: While food trucks have become the rage over the past few years, the trend is now shifting to home services as well. See what all of the fuss is about in four feature areas: Jon Charles Salon, Uniquely Attainable, The Fashion Mobile, and Gamin Ride.

The holidays are fast approaching, and more pandemonium is sure to permeate your already-hectic schedule. Don’t delay! Get a handle on your home improvement to-do list next weekend at the Midwest Home Show. For more information about show exhibitors, feature areas, and events, visit midwesthomeshow.com.

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