Talking Volumes with Chuck Palahniuk

The author of <em>Fight Club</em> talks about his latest novel, set in hell

If you’re easily offended or squeamish, stay clear of the Fitzgerald Theater tomorrow night—all hell is going to break lose. Author Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) joins Minnesota Public Radio host Kerri Miller for the latest installment of Talking Volumes. In his new book, Damned, 11-year-old Madison dies of a marijuana overdose (yes, you read that right: she’s 11) and ends up in a cell in the fiery inferno itself. The novel explores what an afterlife of torment and agony looks like from the perspective of a preteen—a sort of extreme detention, only a lot more twisted. Come hear Palahniuk explain and expound on his latest creation, a devilish take on the big H-E-double-hockey sticks itself.

Talking Volumes with Chuck Palahniuk
Thursday, November 17, 7 p.m.
Fitzgerald Theater, 10 Exchange St. E., St. Paul, 651-290-1200

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