Tangletown Rehab Stars on DIY

Detroit native Nicole Curtis knows her way around a building site. A licensed realtor, interior designer, and self-taught home renovator, she’s given new life to old houses in Minneapolis, Tampa, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Her fascination with renovating historic homes just landed her a hosting gig on a new DIY Network series, Rehab Addict,” which premieres Thursday, October 14, with Curtis at work on a wonderful old house in the Tangletown neighborhood in Minneapolis.

When she bought the Arts and Crafts-style house, designed by architect John Lyndstrom in 1914, it was in desperate need of resuscitation. She knocked out walls, saving as much of the original flooring and other trim work as possible, and was in the throes of reconstruction when I visited a couple weeks ago while a crew filmed her in action. Curtis isn’t a hands-off developer—she gets right in there, hammering, plumbing, and painting. Should be interesting to see how it all comes together later this season.