The Best and the Brightest


Maintaining a healthy smile goes above and beyond brushing and flossing.

“A healthy diet, good home care and regular checkups are essential to preserving the health of your teeth and gums,” says Dr. Nancy Norling.

For healthy teeth, Dr. Michael Skadron of West River Dental Care suggests a nutritionally balanced diet containing a variety of foods, including cheese, milk, plain yogurt, fresh fruit and raw vegetables. He points out that smoking, colas, coffee and tea can cause staining and discoloring.

Every dentist interviewed for this section agreed that sugar—especially sugar in soft drinks—is your teeth’s
greatest enemy.

“Sugar combines with bacteria in your mouth to form acid, and it is this acid that attacks your teeth, causing decay,” explains Dr. Norling. “Even the best restorative care in the world will not hold up when you have a diet high in sugar.”

The minimum lapse of time you should wait to visit your dentist is six months. The timeline is different for each individual, depending on age, susceptibility of decay and the condition of their gums.

“A lot of people don’t realize we screen for oral cancer during these visits,” says Dr. Steve Boger of Boger Dental. He also points out that there is a tremendous amount of evidence linking the health of the mouth to cardiovascular disease.

 “The bacteria in the mouth can be transported to the heart,” he says. “It’s a real danger, and more people need to be aware of it.”

In addition to regular checkups monitoring the health of health of teeth and gums, many people are visiting their dentist for cosmetic dentistry, or “smile makeovers.”

When people feel good about their smile, it shows. 

“When someone smiles and they have a beautiful smile, that’s the first thing you notice,” says Dr. Steve Gorman of The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry.

 One way to get an improved smile is with porcelain veneers, which can change the position, length, color and shape of your teeth.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Cooper, patients can preview their smile with a mock-up of tooth size and shape
before committing to the porcelain process.

Whitening and brightening the smile is also a popular option.

“The first and most common procedure for a white, healthy smile is bleaching,” says Dr. Ned Windmiller. “This can be achieved with our convenient, one appointment, in-office, BriteSmile treatment or home bleaching with customized bleaching trays.”

“Given the fact that we are all living longer and keeping our teeth, people are much more willing to invest wisely in their dental health,” says Dr. Windmiller.

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