The best off-beat holiday shows

There are classically gorgeous Christmas shows—concerts by the VocalEssence and the National Lutheran Choir and A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie Theater. And there are the shows involving space aliens.

Commedia Beauregard (extra points for a name that sounds like a floppy-eared French dog) is staging A Klingon Christmas Carol for one night only–December 13–at the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Center in St. Paul. It’s translated directly, they claim, from Dickens into tlhIngan Hol, fully functional Klingon language invented by the original Star Trek language consultant. And no, they’re not kidding. The troupe specializes in plays in translation, though generally Polish, Spanish, and the like. A silent auction follows the space merriment.

Over at Bedlam Theatre, no stranger to mischief, the holidays are being celebrated with a Dinner Theater Spectacular from December 11 to 21. Namely, a show called The Turducken that’s (very) loosely based on Chekhov’s The Seagull. The show sends up Samuel Clemens, Chekhov, and, of course, dinner theater–even as you enjoy a meal from theater’s seriously fine wine bar and restaurant.

Finally, the Brave New Workshop captures the zeitgeist with its 50th annual holiday show: All I Want for Christmas is 700 Billion Dollars, through January 10. If you’ve never been to a BNW holiday show, this may be the best present you get this year, literally.