The Container Store

3825 Gallagher Dr., Edina, 952-831-3780

The Container Store is the stuff of highly organized dreams. There are tool racks of all shapes and sizes; storage bins, boxes, and totes; and display cases for your Beanie Baby collection. And the hangers! There’s a whole wall of them—plastic, cloth, metal, and wood—plus hanger holders, rod dividers, and shoulder shapers. Suddenly, items you had no idea existed appear before you, with the potential to change your life. People have been known to climb into the store’s hanging wardrobes and weep, because they’re so inspired by the limitless organizational possibilities. Here in this cheerful, orderly, Stepford-like utopia, you can get a handle on your holiday gift wrap, your haphazard garden hose, and your walk-in closet, which hasn’t welcomed you in since 1986 and may still be hoarding stirrup pants. If DIY organization is overwhelming, the store’s employees offer free closet-design services and expert tips on everything from how to organize a medicine cabinet to how to pack smart for air travel. Once you’ve answered a few essential questions (Are you a shoe-kicker or a shoe-piler? Do you roll your socks or fold them?), you’ll be ready to unleash your latent OCD.