The Erasers

Can anything truly be erased? The Soap Factory’s latest exhibition seeks to find out

“An object is never a mere thing; an eraser is never just an eraser.” Such is the premise for the Soap Factory’s latest exhibition, The Erasers. Inspired by French writer Alain Robbe-Grillet’s novel The Erasers, curator Corinna Kirsch gathered nine artists from the United States and Europe to expand on the idea of an “eraser”: objects imagined as something more important and mysterious than their physical shape might suggest and objects which contain the action to efface, censure, and delete the past.

Just as Grillet’s novel centers around a detective obsessively searching for an eraser that he originally made up but then convinces himself may be real, The Erasers artists focus on sentiment and exaggeration; paranoid notions of irretrievability and time to create an exhibit that will leave you wondering: what is real?

The Erasers runs though July 17
Soap Factory
514 Second St. SE, Mpls., 612-623-9176