The Great Kitchen Debate

Dear expert: We can buy products online, so why do we need a kitchen designer?

A. You can buy products online, but you can’t touch and feel them, you can’t use the item and make sure it is the right purchase for you. You are saving money, but how can it be returned when it arrives defective and who will service it when it breaks? A kitchen designer isn’t just about products; they work with you to learn your lifestyle and design your kitchen to best fit your space and budget. A kitchen designer understands how to solve corner issues or what it will take to move the sink across the room, or work with appliances so they fit within the space provided. In some respects, I think we save the homeowner money and time, because we do it right the first time and plan for things so there are no surprises down the road. There are far too many moving parts, not to mention a large financial investment in remodeling a kitchen, to do yourself unless you are skilled in these areas. AT CKC, our designers walk you through our “six step process” making sure you understand each of the steps and all the decisions pertaining to your project are addressed. There is a lot going on behind the scenes to make remodeling a kitchen look easy!

—Jolynn Johnson
Owner of Crystal Kitchen Center