The loving weekend

Rarely does a theater director get a chance to develop a concept over several different “episodes,” if you will, over a short period of time, but that’s what Chantal Pavageaux has been able to do with Bedlam Theatre and the Love Party performances, which conclude on Saturday with a kind of awards ceremony–don’t think about it too hard, just go (early for the great Bedlam food), have a glass of something, another glass of something else, and realize that all you needed to get over, into, or out of love was a group of super-creative people who just want you to realize you’re living in an amazingly rich place where almost anything is possible. If it can be conceived, after all, it’s generally going to be seen at Bedlam.

Speaking of love, the multi-talented Regina Marie Williams, fresh from a Dakota gig, is in the midst of her first-ever directing gig, assistant-directing, to be exact. And what a treat for Washburn High, where Williams is helping stage The Wiz, with her daughter DreAnna in the chorus and her son Jack among the set builders. And it’s not a bad way to check out who some of our future board-trodders just might be, as it’s pulling talent from several area schools. Here’s hoping Williams herself makes a cameo–that ‘s tonight and Sunday, tickets here.