The mysterious “Homosexual”

Tony Kushner’s new play, commissioned with much fanfare by the Guthrie Theater, finally opened this week. It was pushed back a week, of course, which meant the press night was pushed back, too, which has led to an strange silence about the heralded play. Perhaps everyone is still too enamored with Caroline, or Change (and they rightfully are). Word from inside the Guthrie is that the extra week was sorely needed–and another week might have helped, too–or not, given the perfectionist whose play this is–as Kushner reportedly was still writing it through right up to the final rehearsals.

Nevertheless, a few people are posting reviews here and there, including on Broadway World. But if ever you were going to decide for yourself, you could do worse than catching Kushner at the peak of his powers. And I wouldn’t let the four hours and two intermissions stop you, even if once, in a similar experience at the Guthrie, I left unwittingly during the second intermission along with a lot of others.